Teak (Tectona Grandis), (Melina Arboria) is a medium-sized to large hardwood, native to India, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Plantations have also been established in the Solomon Islands under strict guidelines, these plantations are managed by qualified foresters employing world best practice techniques thus assuring  high growth rate and wood quality. Due to its excellent growth and its value as a high quality durable hardwood these plantations have mature logs available now.

  • Teak is one of the world's finest hardwoods. It has been used over the centuries for many purposes. It is a classic furniture, cabinet and joinery wood and is highly regarded due to its ability to consistently produce a high quality product. Long regarded as a prime boat-building timber, including decking and in external and internal fit-outs. 
  • The timber is consistent in colour; dark brown to golden-brown with fine, dark, pencil-like lines appearing occasionally on board faces. Material is of a paler brown colour when freshly sawn but darkens appreciably on exposure to light. Because it is ring porous, the texture is moderately coarse and uneven. 
  • Plantation material is of good quality especially in more mature stems. Its physical and mechanical properties compare favourably with natural forest wood from Thailand and Myanmar. Dependant on pruning and stage of growth, small tight knots may be observed at around 900mm intervals. 
  • A mild drying schedule is recommended as collapse may occur if kiln temperatures are too high. The timber is stable in-service. 
  • The timber works well with machine and hand tools. Silica (SiO2) in the timber, however, blunts cutting edges, which must be frequently sharpened. The wood is greasy to the touch and has a characteristic 'leathery' odour. The dry sanding dust can irritate the mucous membranes and may also cause dermatitis in some persons. Workshop staff should wear face masks or respirators.
  • Global Timber Solutions has available for sale 80,000 m3 of mature teak logs per annum.




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