Akwa/Taun (Pometia pinnata) is one of the major commercial timber species of the Solomon Islands. Medium to large size trees are found throughout the South West Pacific region. Akwa/Taun is readily available in log form or as a sawn timber in a full range of sizes plus value added manufactured timber products including dressing and drying.

  • A popular timber around the world for production-line furniture since it stains uniformly to a colour of choice. The timber has good moulding and finishing properties and has been used in Japan for piano frames.
  • The timber ranges in colour from a pale pinkish-brown through to a reddish-brown. Some trees produce a fiddleback type figure, similar to that of Sapele (Entandrophragma cylindricum) of West and Central Africa, thus making it an attractive and appealing timber for architects, furniture designers and furniture manufacturers. 
  • A very good multi-purpose timber, ideal for general building and construction purposes including bearers and joists. Due to its availability in large end sections, it makes an excellent timber for staircase materials as well as for flooring. It also has excellent steam-bending properties, and is used in boat-building for a number of purposes, including ribs and planking. 
  • The timber can be kiln dried satisfactorily. However, preliminary air drying is recommended to alleviate degrade.  When working with seasoned timber, sander dust may irritate the mucous membranes. Workshops should be well ventilated and staff should wear face masks or respirators.
  • Akwa/Taun is ideal for slicing and peeling veneers due to its large size, quality and availability.
  • Being the predominant large specie of the Solomon Islands, this timber is available on demand.


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